Animal-id is a project which goal is to bring accessories for electronic identification of animals and common database for data recording of identified animals to the Russian market.

All-Russian Animal-id database has been worked out to integrate data about chipped animals and their owners. There are 3 factors of project's success: 1) Web portal; 2) Server; 3) Local database.

Common database is filling with the help of local accounting program of chipped animals. Programs are installed in organizations where chips are implanted (vet clinics, vet cynological, phelonological services and other organizations).

Yoy can find information about an animal in a free access at web portal Animal-id. Besides the help in searching of chipped animal’s owner, web portal gives an opportunity to add new information to card account, add photos, visit a forum which is managed by vet companies’ specialists and vetenarians. There is also an opportunity to reregister an animal in the case of its owner changing.

Animal-id is included in the international system of chipped animals searching that helps to find  lost animal’s owner even if a pet has been lost outside the Russian Federation territory.

When owner lives the territory of the Russian Federation, the Custom Animal Health Office of the European countries and USA usually checks animal’s number in international database to make sure that provided documents are correct. So the existence of a card account in Animal-id database is a part of animals travelling control’s procedure.

International cynological and phenological organizations use Animal-id to confirm information which has been pointed in animal’s documents (genealogy etc.)