Global Clean

Global Clean is a project which is the result of a constant diversification of Globalvet group.


Understanding the importance of sanitary and phytosanitary measures as a main chain of a complex of veterinary wellness preventative measures, led  a  group of companies to a new direction- creation of a certain and separate range of cleaning, disinfectant, insecticide, acaricide, rodenticide products and equipment, which promotion is provided by Global Clean.

The main goal is to provide hog, livestock, poultry and processing companies, veterinary clinics, pharmacy and other objects requiring sanitary procedures by products for disinfection, desensitization, deratization and cleaning.



Basic Global Clean products:

Products of its own registered trade mark Clean Products®

 - Cleaning, disinfection and insecticide and acaricide products Rabos International

- Equipment for cleanness control: luminometr SystemSURE Plus and mini laboratory EnSURE

- Products of «Valbrenta Chemicals» and «Deznab Trade»


- Professional cleaning facilities and accessories


Clean Products line is presented by the following products:

Derat- rodenticide with 6 different tastes and in 2 forms: soft briquettes for indoor treatening and hard briquettes for outdoor.

Alfa Vet- innovative insecticide and acericide products.

Desinfection program of veterinary inspection objects and processing companies:

Virudez Universal, Virudez max, Virudez Clean and Virudez Chlor.


 Clean Products® 

are producing on the Russian production facilities. The decision to cooperate with not only foreign but also Russian manufacturers has been made for several reasons. The notable increase of  meat and milk products of native producers caused a reasonable decision by Globalvet group’s administration to introduce products with improved quality made on the Russian production facilities. This is a very important step which not only strengthens Russian producers’ positions but also it is a very serious endowment of Globalvet group in the development of domestic manufacturer of animal products. This helps to optimize the cost of veterinary and sanitary events for animals', hogs' and pultries' objects and also veterinary clinics and pharmacy.

Global Clean line also includes a wide range of products and equipment for complex measures for keeping sanitary and hygienic wellness on different facilities of an agricultural nature.

Global Clean project as well as all the other projects of Globalvet group is a bright example of a complex approach to the development of creative solutions for veterinary and sanitary industry.

Globalvet group works with no middleman that’s why product’s cost doesn’t include extra cost.


Global Clean means a good value for money which can serve as an example in the field of veterinary zoogygieny and sanitation.