Globalvet Group


Globalvet group was founded in 2009. It incorporates nine companies working on the market of veterinary products for companion animals and livestock. Today the company sizes are: more than 80 employees, 1800 total warehouse square meters and 560 total office square meters. The companies of the Group form a trade network that covers all key territories of the Russian Federation. The Group also includes two foreign branches in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. An internal agency renders consulting and advertising services.
Global-Vet is the official distributor of companies: Bayer ES (France), Norbrook (Great Britain), Diafarm ( Denmark), Felixcan (Spain), Vetprom AD (Bulgaria), Novartis (Switzerland). Since 2010 Global-Vet present the own trademarks of pets cosmetic products, veterinary products and electronic identification equipment. The assortment of veterinary products represented by the companies of the Group is wide enough to allow veterinarians and pet owners to solve any health problem in animals. Products of the brand portfolio are both of foreign and domestic origin and combine highest quality and reasonable price for the national market. The Group also possesses intellectual property such as ANIMAL-ID — a Database of electronically identified animals. ANIMAL-ID was developed and implemented by IT division of the Group, trade mark is protected.
Globalvet group represents a range of major foreign veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Russia.
Our business is based on the package approach to our clients. Specialists of the Group visit veterinary clinics, pet shops, kennels, catteries as well as farm businesses and animal production units to render consulting services. Managers of our Group not only stay in close contact with the consumers but also develop and implement our own programs suggesting rational application of veterinary products.
Core competencies of AGROVETCONSULTING, a consulting agency which is a part of the Group, are educational programs for veterinary specialists, services in registration and certification of veterinary products and premixes, and advertising business. The agency realizes an annual program of advanced learning for veterinary specialists, various trainings and presentations. Our lecturers are leading national and international opinion leaders. Veterinary Festival organized by Agrovetconsulting summarizes this annual cycle of seminars. It is a remarkable event for veterinary specialists and businesses of CIS and is held in Sochi — the Olympic city of 2014. The Festival is supported by the Administration of Sochi.
Agrovetconsulting offers comprehensive marketing support for the Globalvet group. As part of marketing strategy the Group takes part in all specialized exhibitions, conferences and other relevant events. The agency also develops and implements effective media advertising which allows to attract target audience and to inform potential customers of the products offered by the Group. Agrovetconsulting also possesses specialized web-resources which are popular among pet owners and veterinary specialists and therefore help to promote the Group’s range of products.
Following the strategy of package approach we offer services in registration and certification of veterinary products. These procedures might be complicated and protracted in Russia, but our leading experts and consultants help our clients go through the process successfully.
Confidence of our clients is the cornerstone of our business, and that’s why we strive for operational excellence which includes highest quality of products offered by the Group and professional support of our team.