Akti'z Hydra Fizzy

Supplementary feed for electrolytes deficiency preventation for ruminant.

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Sodium chloride 42,40 gr/k, potassium chloride 18,20 gr/k, glysine 42,20 gr/k excipience: lactose, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate.

Pharmacological group:

vitamins and minerals

Indications for use:

At a time of recovery after GIT treatment. Milk equivalent. Lactose existance helps to back to the milk diet.


forty pack

Dosage formulation:

effervescent tablet


QALIAN, Франция


  1. New tableted fizzy form, which prevents fast degradation of active ingredients. (as it happens in solutions, for example).

2. New form helps to save working area of  warehouses (for example area for storaging cans and bags).

3. There is no labor costs. You just disolve the tablet in the water ( about 15-30 minutes in dependence on water temperature).

4. Tablets are of a different color, that helps to get around the mess during solution preparation.