Globalvet tradegroup is a distributor of trade marks such as GlobalVet Vet Products, GlobalVet Pet Products, GlobalVet Clean Products, GlobalVet Care Products, Animal-id. Globalvet group is also  a distributor of the best manufactoring companies of vet and sanitary products

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Deznab trade
A producer of disinfectans and insecticides of Clean Products Line. The leading producer of health aids products in Russia

Production plant of ecologically friendly therapeutic care products — Globalvet Pet Products

The producer of Animal-id

Kela is a Belgian producer of vet products. One of an international leaders of high quality penicillin products and water-soluble powder production. Kela products hold the position of premium class among its analogues. Products pass a strict quality control which is very severe in Belgium. Kela products are delivered even in Scandinavia and New Zealand and very few companies can qualify imports in these countries. Kela is a pledge of quality and animals health.

MSD Animal Health is an international corporation which develops, produces and exports a wide range of veterinary products and services

A producer of GlobalVet Vet Products. The leader of the world pharmaceutical production

Orion Pharma
Orion Pharma is an European innovative scientific pharmaceutical company that specializes on development and production of finished dosage forms and substances for pharmaceutical industry.

A producer of veterinary and health aids

Valbrenta Chemicals
Manufacturing site of GlobalVet Clean Products line. Valbrenta Chemicals continues to develop its business for 35 years. The idea which has been born in Italy aroused Russians interest caused by demand on rodenticide products.


Scientific and Production Enterprise "Avivak"
SPE (Scientific and Production Enterpise) "Avivak" is a leading Russian producer of specific products for prophylaxis of birds infectious diseases and diagnostic test systems.

Trading House Astrafarm is a trading agency of Russian vet products producers for companion animals: Scientific and Production Company SKiFF, Research and Innovation Company Astrafarm. Scientific and Production Company Farmaks, Science and Technology Centre BioInvest. It has its agents in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and a lot of distributors and wholesales sellers in Russia and CIS countries.

Manufacturing site of veterenary jels GlobalVet Care Products, it also produces a wide range of veterinary products and adjuncts

Zoetis is a world company (more than 60 countries) with the purpose of animals health support and effective customers' and their business' support

Trading House " Prostor'
A provider of a wide range of veterinary and sanitery products

Progressive and fast-growing company introducing in clinical practice modern medicines and parapharmaceutical products designed by native specialists.

The leader in development of new and more effective methods of prevention and disease treatment for companion animals, livestock and poultry.

The largest Russian developer, producer and exporter of complex homeopathic medicine for animals. It has its own certificated production